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We address the cause, we don't just treat the symptoms.

"I was in a serious motor crash that left me with cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacro-iliac joint problems, constant pain and partial disability. After more than 11 years of suffering, during a month-long stay in Essex, someone recommended a 'Physiotherapist who 'has a machine that fixes backs'. I really didn't believe such a thing existed but I was desperate and willing to try anything! That's when I met Gillian Gillespie! In a little over a month she resolved each spinal issue I had, restored my range of motion, relieved the pain and gave me a new lease of life. Nor have I ever had to fill another prescription for pain meds since. Before finding out about Gill I had received two years of physiotherapy followed by chiropractic and osteopathic treatment without relief of the pain or immobility. In my opinion, there is no other treatment safer or more effective for mechanical problems of the spine than the Theraflex System. Ten years on, with a few sessions a year, I have maintained my mobility and live without pain!! I thank God every day for Gill and that she had the courage to be the first to implement this technology and to use it so effectively!" Sue T., U.S.A

Theraflex Physiotherapy in Essex

The Theraflex handset, a UK invention, allows the therapist to fully mobilise the spine. Essex physiotherapist Gillian Gillespie was the first physiotherapist to use this technique and has enjoyed world wide recognition for 16 years. This clever and unique piece of engineering is, in effect, just the tool and can only be as 'good as the hand that uses it'. Gill Gillespie's hand is probably the best in the industry!